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19 December 2013

Toy of the month – Eco-finger paint

With eco-finger paint children learn about how to represent their ideas and how to use their imagination and creativity. Whilst having fun and developing their skills, they play with the handmade eco-finger paint which contains natural ingredients.

The eco-finger paint is made from natural and organic fruit, plant and vegetable extracts from annatto seed, beets, carrots, curcuma, purple sweet potato, red cabbage and spinach, flour, cornflour, wheat paste, and earth clay. In addition, the eco-finger paint is packaged in recycled materials, which are printed with soy ink and the help of wind power.

The benefits of babywearing

Here at greenBee we want to positively influence your baby’s development skills. This is why we also love for babies to be carried in .
My wife and I have carried our daughter since she was 4 weeks old – and we still carry her (she is now 16 months old).


I genuinely believe that carrying her had a great positive effect on her physical and mental development. It is said that Babies who are carried learn more, stimulating brain development and expanding their future learning potential.

18 December 2013

Our favourite toy of the month - Green Doll's house with Furniture

The doll's house is made of organic rubber wood from rubber trees which no longer produce latex. It is assembled using a certified E-Zero glue in place of traditional toxic wood glue. Only safe, non-toxic water-based dyes are used.

This wooden eco-efficient doll's house includes a windmill, a solar panel and electric inverter for generating electricity, a rain barrel for collecting rain, a bio-facade, which uses the natural cycle of plant growth to provide shading, and a blind which can adjust the amount of sunlight and air circulation. Also, recycling bins are included in the set. The bedding is made of organic cotton.
We love the doll's house because it is a great educational tool and great way to teach household/family responsibility and values.

Know what to look for in eco-friendly toys for your kid

Google search for “eco-friendly toys” leads to 22,100,000 results. “Green toys” brings 270,000,000 search results.
When it comes to playtime, more and more parents are concerned that the toys their baby is surrounded by (and likely chewing on) are as healthy for the little one as they are for the planet.

Eco-friendly toys tips
But what features to look for in eco-friendly toys? We have collected some tips to help you in making a responsible purchasing decision when looking for your little one’s toys.