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19 December 2013

The benefits of babywearing

Here at greenBee we want to positively influence your baby’s development skills. This is why we also love for babies to be carried in .
My wife and I have carried our daughter since she was 4 weeks old – and we still carry her (she is now 16 months old).


I genuinely believe that carrying her had a great positive effect on her physical and mental development. It is said that Babies who are carried learn more, stimulating brain development and expanding their future learning potential.

Baby carrying is also believed to :
  • strengthens the bond between mother / father and child
  • reduces three-month colic by the body warmth and light massage.
  • decreases the levels of stress in the baby resulting in a more relaxed, happy baby
  • develops the muscles needed for the infant to sit, stand and walk
If used properly (allow the legs to spread to keep the hips in a stable position) a baby carrier has a positive impact on the development of the hips. Babies worn in slings also tend to be less clingy and tend to initiate separation much earlier than babies less frequently held.
And finally, your baby can be there and explore the world together with you everywhere – but when it is too much it can just snuggle in and rest.

Baby carrierBaby carrier
There is much debate going on about the negative effects of carrying your baby facing outwards. Not everyone can agree on everything but for us, this was never an option. Carrying your baby facing out doesn't support its hips and legs and places pressure on the spine. It also leaves the baby at risk to too much stimulation. For us, carrying her on the back was the right compromise. Plenty of opportunities to see what's going on outside while being able to bury the face if it gets to be a bit much.