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13 January 2014

Wishbone balance bike - our favourite

Wishbone balance bike has no pedals, chain or cranks and instead kids brake with their feet and focus on learning to steer and balance. This is quite important, especially when we know that young children can get frustrated with tricycles because they don't have the strength and coordination to pedal.

When your child is sitting on it their feet are flat on the ground which will make a young child feel secure and safe. The child also uses their feet to propel themselves along, quickly learning the skills to glide, scoot, start and stop confidently.

This is an ideal first bike, which a toddler as young as 12-months can get to grips with and have great fun. It will enable them to get around quickly and independently. They can accompany you on their balance bike, whilst at the same time they teach how to judge the distance and speed, and stop when and where you ask them. Afterwards, when they move to a pedal bike, they will already know how to balance and steer, and to make the transition quickly and easily.

What makes this bike different from other balance bikes is its sustainable production – so eco-friendly! 

Additionally, you may equip your Wishbone bike with eco add-ons, like a personal nameplate, flower and flame stickers, or a seat cover.