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25 March 2014

Lack of Outdoor Play can Lead to Various Problems

Most parents don’t realize, but one of the best habits you can encourage in your child is more outdoor play. When children visit a playground to spend their time with friends, they do a lot more than just burning off some energy. Play can help children develop social skills, boost confidence, appreciate nature and maintain physical fitness.
Lack of outdoor play can cause many problems. Some of these have been discussed below.

Lack of Exercise
When your child is confined indoors, he’s unable to provide his body with proper exercise. This can have a major impact on his overall fitness. When children are playing outdoors, they stay fit and lean. Playing outside not only prevents obesity, but also helps your child build stronger muscles and bones. In addition to this, it also improves his cardiovascular health, lets him sleep better at night, and even reduces risk of various health problems.

Vitamin D Deficiency
Lack of outdoor play can cause Vitamin D deficiency. Playing outdoors can be the perfect way to get an adequate supply of Vitamin D. It is found naturally in sunlight. Vitamin D is essential for your child’s body to utilize and absorb calcium, reduce inflammation, and improve the immune system. Vitamin D deficiency can cause many severe health problems.

Inadequate Social Development
Play can be the perfect social mechanism for your children. In fact, it can lead to better interactions with other children. If you accompany your child outdoors, even you get a chance to meet other mums in your neighbourhood, and develop long lasting relations. Playing outdoors gives a good grounding to your kid while interacting with others. A good outdoor game can help your child reduce shyness, make friends and improve social development.

Inadequate Emotional and Psychological Development
Lack of outdoor play can even lead to psychological and emotional problems. When your child plays outside, they are able to learn more about the nature and environment. Moreover, your child will understand how to get adventurous, get along with other kids, use logic and research, use imagination and share belongings with other kids. In addition to this, playing outside also reduces tension and helps your child relax.

Encouraging Outdoor Play for Your Child
Unfortunately, most kids in this generation spend more time in front of computer screens and tablets rather than playing outdoors. Children who don’t spend much time outdoors aren’t as active as they need to be. There are many different ways to get your kids involved in outdoor play. You can use skates, bicycle, hammocks, swings… kites to encourage your child. You may also take a look at our eco choices Wishbone Balance Bikehammocks, and hammock chairs.

Wishbone BikeChildren's hammock chair

In fact, involving other mums and planning picnics or creating an outdoor space for your child can also be a good idea. You can go for fishing, rides and take your children to a sports club. Outdoor family time should be a part of your family routine. There are many ways to make outdoor play more pleasurable and fun for your children. It will ensure that your kids are active, and remain healthy and fit.