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14 May 2014

New Plan Toys Now at greenBee

We have some new eco toys that have just landed at greenBee. We’re always excited to welcome new environmentally-friendly toys from Plan Toys. We have tried these new toys and our favourites are the musical instrument – Banjo and My First Camera. And you may also take a look at the great bath toy submarine, wooden kitchen set, or casual doll family. 

9 Reasons Why We Have Chosen Plan Toys

A search for perfect toys for your child can be a daunting task. So many options are out there. I don’t even think of a colour. It’s simply overwhelming. However, this might be your lucky day as we've already spent loads of time searching for the perfect toys. And here you’ll find a few facts that have led us to choose Plan Toys for our child and for greenBee. These reasons can also serve you as a guide to choosing the perfect toy for your child.

13 May 2014

How Rocking Affects Children’s Health

When a baby cries, parents instinctively know to rock the baby in their arms to sooth their little one. Likewise, gently rocking a baby in the cradle is a good way to lull a baby to sleep. Many nursing chairs are rockers too. The rocking motion helps the baby relax and digest their milk better. The rocking helps the mother alleviate small back ache and work out muscle cramps.

6 May 2014

Wooden Toys Versus Plastic Toys

If you take a field trip to your closest landfill, you will undoubtedly be saddened by what you see. The realities of mass produced cheap plastic toys stacked high in a landfill is a sobering experience. It can also be a good lesson to take your older children along so they can understand why you don't want to buy them plastic toys -- in this case, a picture truly IS worth a 1000 words.

Almost all landfills have an abundant supply of discarded plastic toys that no one wants to play with anymore. No one wants to fix old plastic toys once they break. They'd rather just toss them in the trash. No one cares enough about plastic toys to pass them on to the next generation. On the other hand, you'll never see natural wooden toys accumulating in the landfill because people bond with wooden toys in a way they never do with plastic toys.