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14 May 2014

9 Reasons Why We Have Chosen Plan Toys

A search for perfect toys for your child can be a daunting task. So many options are out there. I don’t even think of a colour. It’s simply overwhelming. However, this might be your lucky day as we've already spent loads of time searching for the perfect toys. And here you’ll find a few facts that have led us to choose Plan Toys for our child and for greenBee. These reasons can also serve you as a guide to choosing the perfect toy for your child.
Plan Toys Sustainability
Organic Rubberwood
Plan Toys are made with clean, natural rubberwood from rubber trees which no longer produce latex. Generally when the wood is 25-30 years old. When the latex yields become extremely low, the trees are then felled, and new ones are usually planted. This wood is an eco-friendly option as if it weren’t used it would normally be thrown away. Moreover, to keep the rubberwood pure, no fertilizer is added to the soil for three years before the trees are cut. To strengthen the wood, Plan Toys uses a special chemical-free kiln drying process.

E-Zero Glue
Toys are produced without using formaldehyde glues, known as health hazard and are favoured for many types of woodworking, Plan Toys are assembled using a proprietary, non-formaldehyde E-Zero.

Water-based Dyes
Plan Toys does not use dyes containing lead or any other heavy metals. They use only safe, non-toxic water-based dyes on all products. The organic colours give our toys a unique touch of pleasant look and warm feeling.

Recycled and Recyclable Materials
Plan Toys uses recycled and recyclable materials to minimize our impact on the environment, such as recyclable packaging and recycled paper for all printing in the company.

Soy & Water-based Ink
Plan Toys uses soy and water-based inks on all our printed materials. These inks are more readily biodegradable and can be recycled more efficiently than standard chemical ink.

Recycled Wood
Plan Toys uses a high density fibre composite wood made from reclaim wood particles left from the manufacturing process of toys in the factory. This material allows toys to be made safe, stronger and more durable. Plan Toys is the first wooden toys company in the world that has been using this method to make toys since 2010.
Plan Toys Play

Renewable Energy
Plan Toys is actively engaged in the development of alternative renewable energy sources. Solar energy is highly developed as one of the main energy source in their factory. They use solar drying kiln process for toys manufacturing to support conventional kiln drying method. Electricity is generated by using solar power instead of using electricity from fossil fuel. In addition, they use solar electricity for Children’s Museum and also for water cooling system in canteen.

Furthermore, they use actively biogas energy from food waste from cafeteria. Leftover woodchips, sawdust from Plan Toys factory and agricultural waste from the surrounding communities are used as raw material in gasification process to produce electricity.

Plan Toys have won many of prestigious awards and here are just few of them: Reddot Design – Germany, Toy Innovation – Germany, Spiel Gut – Germany, Oppenheim Toy Awards - USA, Parents’ Choice Gold – USA…

Plan Toys recognizes the importance of promoting good quality of life, balanced with the concern for environment. They are actively working on rewarding their communities, workers and running various social responsibility projects.

Enjoy eco Plan Toys…!