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2 June 2014

Charlie Bears Little Organics Now at greenBee

Charlie Bears

Charlie Bears LittleOrganics have just arrived at greenBee. These cuddly characters are handmade from 100% organic cotton, grown from non-genetically modified plants and without the use of the chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers. Each one of these Charlie Bears is handmade under strict regulations in an ethically sound facility in Sri Lanka.

The dyes used for these toys have been safety tested and registered with the Ecological and Toxicological Association of Dyes and Organic Pigments Manufacturers (ETAD). And on the inside, instead of synthetic Polyfil stuffing, these use recycled PET fibre derived from 100% post-consumer bottles. For every 1kg of fibre used, around 70 water bottles are saved from ending up in landfill. Recycled PET fibre is also 100% non-allergenic. When compared to conventional Polyfill (polyester stuffing), which is a petrochemical based polymer plastic product, recycled fibre is a much more eco-friendly option.

We have picked these ones for our daughter: Charlie Bears - Mouse and Charlie Bears - Dangly Monkey.

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