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25 August 2014

Why Wooden Toys Are Making a Comeback

Building blocksRecently, there has been a resurgence in the demand for wooden toys. This is especially true for those made from sustainable woods using renewable energy resources, and painted with non-toxic paints, like eco wooden toys we sell at greenBee. We'd like to share some of the primary reasons for this with you.

Wooden Toys Offer Protection From Industrial Poisons
Wood is made by Mother Nature. It is 100 percent natural and does not contain toxins to humans. Plastics are produced artificially in industrial labs by people who must wear face masks just to do their job because the materials they work with are so incredibly toxic. Wooden toys, if left natural or painted with non-toxic paints, do not expose your children to toxins. Plastics leach out toxins 24/7, sometimes directly into the little mouths that chew on them.

6 August 2014

How To Make Natural Food Dyes - They're Nutritional & Non-Toxic

When grown-ups reminisce about the best times they had as a child, invariably they bring up cooking with Mum. Both girls and boys enjoy making colourful cupcakes and playing Rembrant as they paint the holiday cookies with blue, green, and pink frosting! Baking colourful tasty goodies create cherished childhood memories as they mellow in our minds.