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12 April 2015

Help Us Support the Plastic Challenge - June 2015

greenBee is proud to announce that we are donating ten percent of all our revenue in June 2015 to the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) in support of their 2015 Plastic Challenge. According to a February 12, 2015 report by BBC News, there are approximately eight million tonnes of plastic waste dumped in our oceans every year! Here is the full BBC News report.

You can tell a lot about our modern society by viewing the mega piles of trash picked up on beach clean-up days! Unfortunately, plastic toys are always a very noticeable component of this plastic sea rubbish.

Clean Beach

Sea birds, whales, dolphins, sea turtles, fish, and other marine wildlife mistake this discarded plastic for food and ingest it, often causing death! To see shocking images of what can happen to sea birds after they eat plastic debris from the ocean, you can watch the trailer for the "Midway" documentary. These images are so painful to see, you may want to view them first without the kids before you decided whether or not to show them.

While the organizers of MCS's Plastic Challenge realize that it would be near impossible for anyone in this day and age to give up plastic completely given how prevalent it is, they also know we can do much better. The Plastic Challenge encourages people to give up SINGLE USE plastic products and encourages them to re-use plastic products as much as possible. MCS's Plastic Challenge also encourages the use of recycled plastic and the use of alternative materials whenever possible.

You can help us support the Plastic Challenge in several ways:
1. Purchase Toys From greenBee Eco-friendly Toys During June, 2015
Since we'll be donating ten percent of our revenue to MCS during the month of June, with every purchase, you'll be helping MCS work toward solutions for reducing ocean plastic litter! Perhaps it's time to do some early Christmas shopping.

GreenBee offers many eco-friendly alternatives to the mass produced cheap plastic toys so prevalent in mega toy superstores. For example, you may want to try our Charlie Bears, cuddly soft monkeys and rabbits, made of one-hundred percent organic biodegradable cotton. For teething babies, we offer the always popular Sophie Giraffe made of all natural non-toxic rubber. We also offer a wide variety of wood toys made from sustainably harvested wood and/or recycled wood left natural or brightly painted with non-toxic paints.

2. Make a Personal Commitment To Keep Plastic Toys Out Of Our Oceans!
There are many things you can do to keep plastic toys from ending up in our oceans and out of landfills. Find ways to recycle or repurpose old plastic toys so they are not discarded. Many people don't realize this but just like plastic food containers, most plastic toys are stamped with a recycling number to help you know how to recycle them properly. You can also wash thoroughly and then donate plastic toys to nursery schools and non-profits catering to kids. Some plastic toys, such as Legos, are actually much sought after and you can sell them or donate them at places like eBay.

3. Teach Your Children Why It's Important Not To Throw Away Toys!
Unfortunately, many modern kids have grown up thinking of toys as disposable objects. They play with them for a while and then think nothing of throwing them in the trash. Further, many kids have watched their parents or other grownups doing the same thing!

You can help keep plastic toys, and other forms of plastic, out of our oceans by teaching kids a new mindset. Get them involved in recycling and repurposing activities. Help them think about saving toys for the next generation or perhaps giving their old toys to other younger members of the family or to the children of family friends. The main objective is to help them view toys as objects that should be treasured and utilized forever, not simply discarded after a short time of use.

4. Participate In MCS Sponsored Cleanup Days
Much of the plastic trash that enters our oceans eventually ends up on our shores. You can help remove this plastic trash and prevent it from going back into the ocean by volunteering in one or more of the MCS sponsored Beachwatch beach cleanup days. To find a beach nearest you and get additional information on how to get involved, go to MCS events page. Additionally, you can register your interest here.

Beach Cleaning

Taking the kids along to participate in these beach clean-up days is a meaningful family activity. They will see first hand how much discarded plastic ends up on our beaches and in our oceans. They'll also see how much of this plastic are plastic toys! This will help drive home the importance of message that toys should not be regarded as disposable objects. The experience will make this very important subject much more real to them and give them a sense of pride for doing their part to help.